How To Customize a Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy With OptinSpin

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Have you ever felt like a marketing campaign has struck you dearly at the right time resulting in you becoming a lifetime customer? Of course! That’s one of the many reasons why marketing capitalization holds up a lot of value.

Inbound methodologies teach us one thing and it’s the fact that buyer personas hold elite importance in the marketing journey.

There is no denying the fact that your buyer’s persona will ultimately affect the buyer’s journey. The buyer journey will then ultimately affect the ROI of your brand. So, let’s just say if your brand isn’t marketing to your customers at the right time or place, you lose an opportunity. Make no mistake, this opportunity isn’t just to provide a content offer to your customer, it’s to build a connection with your customer and that’s of huge value to your business.

Marketing at Thanksgiving

Marketing for your service or product at an event seems like an easy task, but it isn’t. Not every event or occasion can be marketed with the same strategy. For example, do you really think the same strategy that you used for Halloween would work for Black Friday? Of course not! Both events target different people with entirely different personas. There’s no way the same strategy would work for the same brand.

When it comes to events like Thanksgiving, it’s a whole different event that you need to market. At an event where the world is thankful for each and everything they have in life, there’s a much bigger emotional connection to influence.

At an event like this, customers like to look for brands that offer services the customer would emotionally be thankful for. There are hundreds of different marketing strategies that you can pull with the help of the OptinSpin plugin easily. Here are a few suggestions that can help you market better at Thanksgiving:

3 Spins for Customers

Every Woo Commerce store owner with the OptinSpin plugin allows the customers one spin, but that’s not what a smart marketer would do at Thanksgiving. Give your customers something like 3 spins on the thank you page to help them realize you’re thankful for them. Additionally, this can help segment data drastically for your brand.

Win for Friends

Of course, every time a customer spins, he’s trying to win it for himself. However, you can try a new technique by winning something for your friends. What’s in it for you? Well, where you get one lead per spin, you get two by sharing the information of the friend as well. Now that sounds fun!

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