We have experience companies used marketing tools to achieve their sales goal. Similarly we introduced Optin Spin a guarantee sales booster through engaging visitors on website.

Ultimate Tool For Lead Generation

With Optin spin it’s really easy to get the leads in a different way and attractive manner. Any one, of any gender and age would love to play with wheel to try their fortune. On the way OptinSpin smartly asks the visitor to submit their email and helps to generate leads by populating your email list with a good collection of emails which you can use for marketing your products later on.

Get Your Coupon Game To Next Level

You might be already familiar with WooCommerce Coupons. OptinSpin uses default WooCommerce Coupons functionality to increase your sales by offering discounts in an engaging way. You can easily link the coupons with the segments of the wheel and customers can use them instantly on the go or even later. OptinSpin sends the coupon to the winner via email so the customers comes back and avail their coupon whenever they feel like.

Full Customization Options To Suit Your Theme

To make the wheel and the optin useable by every theme and environment, OptinSpin is made fully customizable. You can change the background of the optin, font colors, font sizes, wheel styles and even the colors of each segment of the wheel as per your theme and much more. You can even add your own branding in few clicks with user friendly back-end interface.


Connect Your OptinSpin With the Power Of MailChimp

Whether you need to sell your products, share some big news, or tell a story, MailChimp campaign builder makes it easy to create email campaigns that best suit your message. With OptinSpin easy settings, you can connect your Spinner’s email list directly to your mailchimp specific email list with few clicks. So what are you waiting for?

Grow your Remarkety email list with OptinSpin

Remarkety is an email marketing for Retention, Re-engagement Cart Recovery and more. Making things easy for store owners and to boost the sales OptinSpin is fully integrated with Remarkety helping you increase loyalty and lifetime value with smart emails. With easy settings you can connect your OptinSpin with Remarkety campaigns in a blink of eye.


Retargeting your customers through Facebook Messenger

It is not possible to bring a customer back once left from the online store even by emailing will not do any better. But Nowadays Facebook has more control on our daily life like no other. Chat Champ came with the great idea to bring your customer back through Facebook Messenger which work as a reminder to your customer in case if they left online store during shopping. This tool work out great to retarget those customers and help you to bring them back to the online store.we have never seen this kind of marketing tool before.

drip image

Get full control over visitors and their interaction with your business

Drip is Ecommerce CRM helps you to manage or migrate your email data and provide you numbers of opportunities, start from tracking customers to multi channel marketing. Great News for OptinSpin users, get all email addresses of your visitors directly to Drip account.

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Build With Mobile First Approach

fully responsive not to let anyone escape on any screen

Packed With Multiple Triggers

Time Delay

delay time

You can set some specific time after which you would like to trigger OptinSpin to appear in front of visitors.

Clickable Tab

Can place clickable tab at bottom which by clicking users can get the OptinSpin and get engaged.

Desktop Exit Intent


You can even trigger the OptinSpin when it seems like your visitor is about to leave your website.

Mobile Exit Intent

OptinSpin’s exit intent thing also works on mobile devices by detecting a visitors scrolling.


Just place your full site URL (including https://) and we will generate a temporary live preview with this optin wheel for you

Note: Your site must be SSL enabled to see live preview

Here's What Users are Saying about OptinSpin

OptinSpin has helped these people boost their sales and email signups.
  • At last - a Wheel of Fortune that is well designed, integrates with Woo and that has a developer already asking how he can support with any future feature ideas. This is by far the best and most professional looking solution here on CC - and I cannot wait to see how this helps generate more leads.

    Website Dude Codecanyon User
  • Awesome .. Just Awesome .. Be it the plugin and the support.. They deserve more than a big 5, keep up the good work guys..

    Kate Lynjb Codecanyon User
  • Excellent plugin ... Quick support ... Thanks

    Ales Codecanyon User

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