3 important focus areas to improve your ROI with OptinSpin

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Many of you have already added OptinSpin to your list of must-have Woo Commerce plugins, and hey hundreds of you have already started downloading it for campaigns targeted on a specific agenda. However, is that enough? Is it really enough for you to just download and install a plugin? Of course not!

Yes, OptinSpin is one of the best opt-in email plugins for your brand today! But it’s not a guarantee to success for your brand until you take the right actions on the right areas of your website and create a marketing aura that’s set as per your website.

Identify The Need

Identifying the need is the first focus area that you need to strengthen. Opting the customer in via OptinSpin is one area to focus on, however, there are several other organic ways to interest your customer. What you need to do is understand the behavior flow of your customer. In addition, have a good look at the customer persona to figure out just how you can add the customer to your prospects list organically.

Sure, the spin-the-wheel technique works, but does it really cater to the customer’s interest in subscribing to your newsletter? Of course not. We prefer you to keep OptinSpin as part of your inbound marketing tactics, however, keep your ultimate focus on organic subscriptions to genuinely interest the customer.

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Segmented Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has always been the tip of the mountain for marketing. One of the many reasons we integrated OptinSpin with a ready-to-work Mail Chimp integration. However, what good is the world’s best email marketing tool if you’re not focusing on segmentation?

The buyer’s journey is undoubtedly the most important area that you need to always analyze. Understand that even if you have some 1000 different emails from interested customers, their position in the buyer’s journey is unpredictable until you’ve properly segmented your prospects. What you, as the Woo Commerce store owner need to understand is that with segmented customer personas, you can reach out to your customers with more personalized emails providing you with a far better conversion rate than you get from any other outlet.

Track Excessively

Customer tracking is key when it comes to increased conversion with OptinSpin. OptinSpin comes packed with tracking tools that allow you to remarket to your customers. However, you can push this up a notch with excessive tracking solutions for your Woo Commerce store with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is currently one of the most powerful tools for analysis and it can very well assist you in tracking and remarketing to your customers. All in all, these are the perfect three areas where you can focus on boosting your ROI naturally with a little assistance from OptinSpin!

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