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Business owners and individuals alike know the value of a good bargain, and we aren’t here to tell you why sharing coupons in your store is a good idea. Before you might think about moving forward from this blog, we’re actually here to tell you how you can take your coupon game to the next level.

Why use discount coupons on your website?

Giving away coupons can lead to several benefits that include attracting new customers, re-activating former customers, and keeping current customers coming back. This gives your business the edge it needs to take business away from your competitors.

For anyone who doesn’t know, coupons are unique codes that customers can enter at checkout to get a discount on their purchase. Not just discounts but coupons are also a great way to promote any offer that can help you generate sales (BOGO: Buy one get one free, Free Shipping, etc.)


Coupons can help you run successful marketing campaigns 🎯

Depending on the distribution model of a store, coupons can improve the customer conversion rate of every marketing channel. Additionally, unique and traceable coupon codes can be easily measurable. Assessing the effectiveness of a campaign is as simple as determining how many coupons were redeemed by customers.


Thanksgiving, Black Friday, & Cyber Monday are just one month away! 👀

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are some of the most common and well-known sales holidays that generate billions of US dollars in revenue for business owners and brands worldwide.

It is also a proven fact that customers spend one-third of their yearly savings on discounted merchandise, approximately saving in comparison (on average) 40% of what they would normally pay. The good news is that they are just one month away right now and brands and online stores can cash it maximum while offering attractive coupons offers.




What is OptinSpin – What does it do?

OptinSpin is a fully customizable spinning wheel popup plugin for WordPress. It’s compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. OptinSpin uses default WooCommerce Coupons functionality to increase your sales by offering discounts in an engaging way.

You can easily link the coupons with the segments of the wheel and customers can use them instantly on the go or even later. OptinSpin sends the coupon to the winner via email so the customers come back and avail their coupons whenever they feel like it.

Similarly, you can reward discount coupons to your Easy Digital downloads store customers by using the OptinSpin segment wheel.


(a) WooCommerce Coupons & EDD Coupons:

  • The coupon setting is WooCommerce plugin-dependent.
  • Admin can fetch WooCommerce coupons through this functionality.
  • EDD Coupon setting is dependent on the Easy Digital Download plugin.
  • Admin can fetch EDD coupons featuring digital downloads through this functionality.

(b) Coupon Types:

  • Admin can choose from the coupon type that Admin wants to award at any winning instances.
  • There are two types of coupons that Admin can select from, those are coupon text or coupon link.

(C) Coupon Link Details: 

  • Settings for the slice will update the fields depending on the selection of the Admin, if the Admin selects coupon link to be awarded, the slice will display additional settings of coupon link label and coupon link URL otherwise the field will be by default on coupon text label.
  • In the coupon link label field, the Admin can set the label for the link awarded at winning instances.
  • In the coupon link URL field, the Admin can set the URL for the prize being awarded at winning instances.
  • In the coupon text label, Admin can set the text to be displayed after any winning instance has been achieved.


  • Customize the visual appearance like colors, text, and theme (Snowfall).
  • Add as many wheel segments as you want in OptinSpin.
  • Set the probability for each section and the winning-losing ratio.
  • Add your business logo to the center of the wheel.
  • Enable or disable sound effects while the wheel is spinning.
  • Enable or disable a party popper effect for winning users.
  • Set a time delay for OptinSpin to appear on your website.
  • It has options for email template customization.
  • Add a privacy link for users to get familiar with terms and conditions.
  • Password protection is also available for users with access only can play it.
  • Generate unique coupons to offer winning users through integrated WooCommerce & EDD.


Try OptinSpin live on your website and decide to buy it right now!

Link: https://optinspin.com/#try-live-on-your-site

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