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The world of E-commerce is as vast as the deep blue sea. It’s funny how people who once never preferred to buy anything online are actually preferring to shop online over shopping offline. The e-commerce market has seen a tremendous growth in the past decade. If we make a collective audience of the United States, 51% of them prefer shopping online over walking to the grocery store. Over 96% of the people in the United States of America have agreed that the internet has been a great addition to their trust factor and ease in buying.

With the numbers that I’ve just shared with you, anyone would consider E-Commerce to be one of the most creative areas to prosper in, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, this is the part where the numbers really don’t add up. In fact, they get to the point where it’s almost strictly confusing. According to statistics, E-Commerce is at a constant growth of 23% every year. That’s a huge number we’re talking about. However, that number clearly doesn’t represent the 46% of the small businesses that still don’t own an online store. So, what’s the problem? Well, as per our research most customers consider E-commerce platforms like Volusion, Magento and even Shopify rather confusing. There’s without a doubt a gap that has been created amongst the business owners and the customer. Perhaps that is why customers prefer using WooCommerce over any of these websites.

Well, what is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is undoubtedly the easiest platform to use if you want to build an E-store for your business online. WooCommerce is basically a blend of world’s most frequently used and trusted CMS system, WordPress and the standard E-Commerce tools. It’s an easier approach to online shopping with the same amount of features.. well, almost the same amount of features.

Why almost? Well, there’s a reason and let us get into that really quickly. According to the latest statistics, 1,986,324 active WooCommerce business owners are working online every day. Even though this number is pretty sizable and some of world’s best websites fall under this very category, there are very few options that you can use in here especially when it comes to hooking loyal customers.

Understanding Customer Loyalty

First off, you need to understand that if a customer comes in and leaves your website with a full basket just once, your business isn’t booming. You need to make sure there’s at least 3-4 good times when customers come in and buy your stuff. Why? Because the customer is only valuable to your business if he comes and stays. For this purpose and this purpose only, there are several customer loyalty strategies that help keep the customer interested in your business.

Of course with an online business, you can’t always be present to make sure that the customer is personally handed over a discount coupon which is why customer loyalty programs become difficult. Especially when it comes to WooCommerce. WooCommerce is currently the only platform that has low or less sufficient amount of customer loyalty and lead generation plugins that can assist the business owners. Well, that’s mainly where OptinSpin comes in.

Introducing, Optin Spin – Your New And Improved Lead Magnet

Optin Spin is currently the newest and one of the best working models of a blend between customer loyalty and lead generation. That’s right! It’s one WooCommerce plugin that solves two of your huge problems as a business owner.

Optin Spin takes the concept of the fortune wheel to the next level with customary options for the business owner to choose the incentives that he wants. Think that’s it? Think Again, Optin Spin comes packed with several different features. Let us have a look at them:

Comes Ready With WooCommerce Coupon Integration

Did somebody say, WooCommerce Coupons? Yes, we did! These WooCommerce Coupons are the oldest, latest and greatest way to hook your customer. With Optinspin, we allow you to offer your customers with WooCommerce coupon integrated discounts in a much better, interactive manner. From winners to losers, Optin Spin sends in a WooCommerce coupon right to your customer’s Inbox.

Complete Customization Options

Ready to customize your wheel? That’s right! The fortune wheel comes packed with additional customization options for you to push your branding capability to the next level. Any color, any pallete, any logo for you to add. The Optin Spin fortune becomes your personal solution to brand conscious customer loyalty and lead acquisition.

MailChimp Connectivity

The features aren’t over yet as with Mailchimp connectivity, you get the option to mail in your leads in an organized and sophisticated manner. MailChimp is currently world’s number 1. preferred email marketing partner and it is currently a part of Optinspin as well to help you manage your leads tremendously!

Email Template Customization

Think the list of amazing features is over? Not yet! With customization options for all kinds of winners and losers, we make sure 100% of your leads become part of your conversion cycle. With email customization option never let any of your leads go to waste. Each of the customers will get an email just as you want them to.

In-Depth Consumer Analysis and Tracking

So, are you going to let your customers go that easily? With our amazing lead analysis and tracking system, we keep you informed on your customer’s behavior and actions for better conversion rates that your WooCommerce store needs.

We’re Just Getting Started..

With these initial features, you might think we’ve won the market and its over for us. Well, think again. Our developers are just getting started with OptinSpin and the aim is to make this small wheel of fortune the ultimate lead acquisition magnet that you need for your business.

Interested in getting Optin Spin for your Woo Commerce store? Well, its available on the Envato Code Canyon market for you!

Buy and Install OptinSpin from Code Canyon today.

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