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Recalling your customers through Facebook Messenger: It is not possible to bring a customer back once left from the online store even by emailing will not do any better. But Nowadays Facebook has more control on our daily life like no other.

Chat Champ came with the great idea to bring your customer back through Facebook Messenger which work as a reminder to your customer in case if they left online store during shopping. This tool work out great to retarget those customers and help you to bring them back to the online store.we have never seen this kind of marketing tool before. Now good news for Optinspin users since we have integrated Chatchamp with Optinspin which is more powerful way of marketing and you can track your customer as per their shopping trend. Optinspin has a lot of attraction for visitors because customer can assume winning some sort of discount by just looking at the wheel.

As soon as customer will click (clickable tab of Optinspin) then they can able to see the wheel and by selecting Send to messenger button, customer will get chance to spin the wheel.   

Note: Create account on Facebook messenger and Chatchamp then follow these steps

Open WordPress dashboard and click on Optinspin, select setting then click on Integration tab, scroll down to very bottom you will see Chatchamp and check on Enable Chatchamp, Insert Chatchamp ID , At last save changes as shown below.

Once you set up successfully, go to front-end then click on Optinspin Clickable tab and select Send To Messenger button.

As soon as you click Try my luck, Optinspin will allow wheel to spin as a result you may Lose Or Won in both cases customer’s information will be submitted to chatchamp account for remarketing.   
So what are you waiting for.

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