Inbound Opt-Ins – How OptinSpin follows the Inbound Methodology

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Have you ever stopped and wondered to yourself how vast the world of marketing is and how it has transformed drastically in the past few years? You probably haven’t. There are several areas of marketing that went through a whole phase of revolution when digital marketing took over as the ultimate source of marketing.

Digital marketing still spreads as one of the vastest fields of marketing that ever existed. From Media Buying to Social Media Strategic Planning, everything runs its own course to help the customer understand how important things can be for the brand itself. However, of all the branches of digital marketing, there’s one that’s held its ground and is currently known as one of the best marketing mediums to connect with. Yes, you guessed it correctly! We’re talking about Inbound Marketing!

What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the new methodology behind traditional and digital marketing that is completely focused on quality. Inbound marketing shifts the intent of control from the buyers’ hand to the seller’s. Its where the marketing really count.

From the world of cold calling and emailing, where every buyer was forced and somehow manipulated into a decision; we’ve entered a more focused world where the buyer’s interest counts. If you’re the better marketer and you know your customer’s interests, you know how to market the right way. Inbound marketing is slowly transforming the way we create opportunities in the world of digital marketing.

How OptinSpin is Inbound Friendly

Like all marketing methodologies, Inbound too has 4 different basic phases that are namely ACCD i.e. Attract, Convert, Close, and last but most importantly Delight. Inbound’s main focus is to revert from traditional methodologies of reaching a customer. Instead, you let the customer reach you. The first step of the whole is to Attract the viewer via the interest factor. The next thing is Converting the viewer into a potential customer with interesting content, offers and much more. The third step is to Close the deal by letting the customer by your service, product or whatever it is that you offer. Lastly, it’s the business’s duty to Delight the customer so that he or she stays with the business for a long time.

With an Inbound Marketing strategy, any business in the world can easily prosper. This is one of the many reasons that the experts at OptinSpin put their heart and soul into building an inbound based opt-in plugin for your Woo-Commerce store. Here’s how the plugin is Inbound Compliant:

  1. Attract – OptinSpin attracts the customers with its amazing spin-to-win wheel methodology. It easily lures customer with their own interest to participate following the first rule of Inbound.
  2. Convert – Converting the customer is the next step and OptinSpin does that perfectly by collecting emails from the customers with their own consent.
  3. Close – With excellent wins on the wheel, Optinspin offers WooCommerce discounts that close the deal with the customer.
  4. Delight – Lastly, with the custom email templates and mail chimp integration, OptinSpin converts all of the customers that fill in their emails and delights them with exclusive discounts so everyone’s a winner.

All in all, OptinSpin is the best inbound friendly plugin that you can find in the market right now. Get yourself the best lead generation plugin in the WooCommerce market today. Buy OptinSpin today at a whopping price of $25!

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