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Finally Grow your Remarkety email list with OptinSpin!

Remarkety is an email marketing for Retention, Re-engagement Cart Recovery and more. Making things easy for store owners and to boost the sales OptinSpin is fully integrated with Remarkety helping you increase loyalty and lifetime value with smart emails. With easy settings you can connect your OptinSpin with Remarkety campaigns in a blink of eye.

How to Setup Remarkety To Link With OptinSpin?

Here are the steps to connect your Remarkety account with optinSpin

  1.  First you would need to get Store ID from your Remarkety dashboard.

  2. Then get into Optins Spin settings in Remarkety tab and Enable it and place your store id.

  3. And believe it or not. You are done. Just hit the changes and let the Remarkety team do the magic for you.

Remarkety have simplified email marketing and have shown a huge boost in sales for great number of online stores including WooCommerce based stores. So What are you really waiting for? Get OptinSpin now and get connected with Remarkety.

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