Don’t Hesitate to use OptinSpin with GDPR Compliance

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Make sure you get consent from your visitors

A critical part about GDPR is getting consent from your visitors to contact them. If you intend to email your users after they have played with your OptinSpin wheel, you need to be explicit about them joining a newsletter and that they will receive promotional information. This was already possible and recommended by OptinSpin, as well as implemented by most of our customers. We recommended that you in the “Rules” section of your wheel clearly state that they are joining a newsletter.
You can even add a checkbox field using builtin OptinSpin form builder with required checkbox.

Update your cookie policy

I am sure you have already been working on this but you need to explain the different cookies you use on your website. OptinSpin use some cookies that is set on your domain in order to know whether the user has already played the wheel, clicked “No thanks” so he won’t see it again and so on.


Enjoy GDPR compliance!

That was it, you are now ready for May 25th and GDPR compliance together with OptinSpin! Thanks for playing.


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