How to enable Zapier

Step 1 : How to Create a New Zap

We can show how easily you can create a Zap that will connect OptinSpin with Google Sheets to create a real-time log file of everyone who played the wheel.

Take a start from Zapier website and create a new Zap by clicking Make A Zap(register yourself if you are not).


Assigned your Zap a name and choose Webhooks under Built-In Apps as the trigger app.



On the next screen, select Catch Hook and press Save + Continue.

On next step (configuring the webhook) is not mandatory, so just click Continue.


Step 2 : How to Test the webhook

At this stage test your webhook. To do so, copy the webhook link as shown in the screenshot below and click Okay, I did this. You’ll notice Zapier is waiting for you to test the hook ( “Looking for the hook, this might take a few seconds”).

Just paste the webhook link into Optin Spin > settings > integration > paste your web hook  > click test your web hook


After this procedure is complete, you’ll notice Zapier has captured the data. It will inform you that testing is complete. Click Continue.


Step 3:  How to Set Up Google Sheets

At this point create Google Sheet to list all wins & losses. Move over to Google Docs and create a new sheet. Set up the header columns as seen in the screenshot below:


Description of each column given below:

  • Name:this will contain first and last name.
  • Email: this will contain the customer email address.
  • Subscriber_id: No. of subscriber.


Step 4: How to Add Google Sheets to the Zap

At this stage our trigger application (the webhook) is ready to set up and tested, Zapier asks us to select an action application. Select Google Sheets.

Accordingly in the next step, select Create Spreadsheet Row and click Save + Continue.

Now Zapier wants you to connect your Google account. So move forward and connect your account and click Save + Continue.

Remember, you should select the correct Google Sheet, as created in step 3:

Once that is done, Zapier will show you all the available columns in your sheet. Now it’s up to you to link the correct data from the webhook to the correct column in the sheet. After you complete this procedure it should look like this

After click Continue a few times to finish & save the Zap. Please Don’t forget to turn it on!

We are almost done here

At this stage you can see final result which is a Google Sheet that will automatically be populated with all the wins and losses from your wheel. This provides you with a nice overview, and you can even send this data to another system for further processing.










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